ROHL Enterprises provides a comprehensive compliment of underground and overhead utility installations and services that range from streetlights to underground fiber.  Our methods range from plowing and directional drilling to open cut and trenching methods in both rural and urban settings throughout Canada.




ROHL Enterprises utilizes the latest technology to plow all types of cable and or conduit in wide variety of terrain, locations and conditions. We operate with five complete plow trains.



ROHL Enterprises maintains a fleet of six hydrovac units. These units expose a complex maze of facilities that may carry petroleum products, electricity, water, wastewater, natural gas and telecommunications. They also provide a non destructive method of excavation.
Our hydrovac trucks are available for rental.


Cable Jetting

Primarily used for installing fiber optic cable, our specialized “jet” equipment enables us to use air, along with lubricants, to safely blow cable through conduit. This allows for longer installation distances while exerting less force on cables and reducing cable handling.


Directional Drilling

Our directional drills are capable of installing anything from 1/2 inch to 24 inch diameter pipe or conduit with a minimal impact to surrounding areas and the environment. Trenchless directional drilling is particularly effective for use in limited urban spaces, river crossings and expanded rural long distance applications.


Project Design

Projects are a value-added component of our design process. Construction services include project management, contract inspection, cable plowing, directional drilling, trenching and fiber splicing and testing.


Project Management

Our turnkey design build controls the scope, time, cost and quality of our work through our specialized management techniques to oversee the planning, design and construction of a project from beginning to end.


Fiber Splicing

In conjunction with our turnkey design build of fiber optic networks we have the expertise to splice, terminate and test all our projects of any size and scope.


Remote Access

ROHL Enterprises has the ability to take on any project regardless of its location or accessibility. Our equipment and logistics capability allow us to adapt to any conditions we encounter. We have worked in conditions ranging to the high Arctic to the southern tip of Florida.