About ROHL Enterprises

Exceptional in production, safety, attitude and work ethic

  • We operate throughout Canada in both urban areas and remote locations that require winter ice roads and camps

  • Equipment includes five complete plow trains, four cable blowing crews and seven directional drill crews

  • Staff and crew ranges from 80 to 150 depending on workloads

The Beginning

ROHL Enterprises Ltd. was conceived in 1967 and has been a growing and successful business ever since. Our telecommunications division has focused primarily on fiber optic installations in both urban and rural areas. We have grown to specialize in the placement of conduit, cable blowing, splicing, directional boring and soft digging required with all projects.

The Present

At present we operate a wide array of equipment to suit any job no matter the scope, size or location. We run five complete plow trains, seven directional drill crews as well as all essential excavating support equipment to remain self-sufficient on any & every project.

Our fiber division can offer “pipe-to-light” capability which means we control every function of the job from design to construction to splicing. This reduces the need to subcontract thus reducing costs to our clients.

ROHL also offers multi-party underground utility installations in new and existing in-fill subdivisions. Our crews install natural gas, electrical as well as all telecommunications infrastructure required to service residential and commercial customers.

We also have the knowledge and expertise to install transmission pressure natural gas steel pipelines and all associated regulator station work. We have worked on pipe ranging from 2” to 24” in diameter.

ROHL prides itself on being able to tackle any project that may be presented to us regardless of it’s complexity.

Our Focus

Our focus is to approach jobs as a turnkey operation regardless of location, type or size. Our work is done primarily within Canada, both in urban areas and remote locations that require winter ice roads and camps. We have also done extensive work in almost every state in the USA. The work force we have assembled is exceptional in production, safety, attitude and work ethic. We range from 50 to 175 employees on staff and have, as the workload dictates, the ability to put out a compliment of 200 . The amount of work we sub-contract out is minimal, no more than 5%, as we prefer to have direct quality control to maintain our reputation of excellence.

We take a great deal of pride in our work and welcome new challenges, new places and new people. We would be pleased to have the opportunity to provide you with our service.